Breb Night Driving Glasses - Anti-glare - Yellow Tint Polarized Lens for Men and Women with Accessory Bundle

Breb is a brand born from the passion for eyes. We should all be aware of the fact that we only have one health and we should protect it. One of the most sensitive organs we have are the eyes and we can have a rough life without a pair of healthy eyes guiding us.

Breb Night Driving Glasses are designed to protect your eyes against too Intense Light, Flashes or Polarized Light. The Yellow Coating and the Polarized Filter of the lenses offer an all-time protection and Crystal-Clear View while you are behind your steering wheel, so that you can focus your attention and driving skills to be the best version of yourself.

Also, because we know that Style and Safety is important, we came with a design that will boost your Confidence and Security as well. This design was thought to fit almost any face shape and most of the sizes. With the accessory pack included, these glasses are the Perfect Choice for any Driver that cares about his Eye Health, Style and Safety!

  • NIGHTTIME DRIVING HAS NEVER BEEN EASYER – The Yellow Tint Lenses will Enhance your Nighttime Vision for a better HD Clarity of the road while offering Anti-Glare Protection for your eyes. Protect your eyes from now-on against natural or man-made environmental elements that harm your eyes, such as light reflections, shrill headlights or UV Light entering the eye, acquiring yourself an enhanced Vivid Outdoor Experience.
  • NEVER FEEL THE FRAMES WITH THESE COMFORTABLE NOSE PADS – You will feel Free and Comfortable while wearing our sunglasses. The frames come with High Quality nose pads for the most comfortable use possible. This will prolong the time you can wear the glasses without leaving marks or feeling discomfort.
  • DURABLE AND SOFT-FEELING FRAME – The Breb design offers you a Semi-Rimless Frame that will provide you a better field of view with maximum protection for your eyes in the night time, at dusk and at dawn. The frame was conceived to offer your skin a soft and comfortable feeling while keeping it strong and durable. We also wanted it to be lightweight, so the only way you will feel like wearing glasses would be from the soft contact with your skin.
  • HIGH QUALITY& STYLISH EYEWEAR – With a classic design that fits most of the faces, intelligently manufactured with High Quality Materials, these glasses are all about Super: Super-style, Super-light, Super-thin lenses and Super resistant. Now you can drive and look good at the same time, never having to worry about accidental drop-downs that lead to scratches or cracks.
  • COMPLEMENTARY ACCESSORY BUNDLE – In addition to the night driving glasses, when purchasing, you will also get everything you need to keep them safe, clean and use them comfortably: a Protective Case, Pouch, Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth, a 10$ value Car Clip Holder to safely hang your glasses, a Polarized Test and an Instruction Card with a nice Bonus inside, all wrapped up into a nice Gift Box.